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Etown Independent Strategic Plan

Building on a Tradition of Excellence

Building on two centuries of excellence, EIS has the mission to ensure that each student has the opportunity for a quality education in order to prepare them for success now and in the future. We're a close-knit organization with a great deal of support from parents, alumni, and community partners. We serve over 2400 students who attend one of our six schools. Our average student to teacher ratio is 18 to 1. Every single one of our staff members is an important and unique part of our team. We need more smiling faces to join us and lead our children!


Strategic Priorities


By October of 2027, we will have increased proficiency by 20% (4% per year) in every content area across every grade level.


By May of 2027, we will have increased participation for all student groups in every focus area outlined in this strategic plan.


By May of 2027, we will have a fully operationalized system that supports life-ready skills for every student, as demonstrated by transition defenses of learning in K, 5, 8, and 12th grade.