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EIS District Leadership

Building a Tradition of Excellence

Over the 200 years in which The Elizabethtown Independent Schools has evolved, one constant has remained: a spirit of leadership and progressiveness in education. From the first financing of education in the region to the development of today's innovative programs – The Elizabethtown Independent Schools takes great pride in its "Tradition of Excellence". We also look to the efforts of those who came before us to help guide and define our vision for the future of our schools.

Paul M. Mullins


Chase Goff

Assistant Superintendent

Cain Alvey

Director of Special Education

Travis Gay

Director of Student Services

Derisa Hindle

Director of Human Resources

Denise Morgan

Director of Finance

Rex Hanson

Student Information & Assessment Systems Coordinator

Chuck Jones

Director of Communications

A "Tradition of Excellence" – our school district is building upon two centuries of academic and extracurricular excellence, by believing high expectations yield high results.

School Personnel – a staff that is committed, dedicated, and challenged to meet the needs of all our students on a daily basis. 100% of our schools have Nationally Board Certified Teachers on staff.

School Culture – we recognize and encourage a strong partnership with our supportive families and community. We provide a welcoming environment that will encourage active and positive participation among staff, family, and community for productive growth in our children.

School Climate – our ultimate goal is to provide our staff and students with a safe, orderly, and respectful learning environment where our teachers can teach and students can learn on the highest level.