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At TK, we have a special relationship with neighboring Ft. Knox.  For information on events for students whose parents are active duty military, reservists, retired, civilian workers and/or DoD contractors please go to the EIS district homepage and scroll down to the section on News.  It is listed as Student Events at Fort Knox under "PAWS for some news".

Student Instructions for Using Infinite Campus to Check Grades
Go to the Elizabethtown Independent schools website.
At the top of the page click on “PARENTS/ STUDENTS” 
Click on “Infinite Campus Portal Link”
Scroll down and click on: “I Agree”
Now you can log in.  
Your username is: Your 10-digit State ID number- it’s on a sticker in your agenda
Your password is: Your first and last initial and your birthday in 2-digit numbers
Example: Joe Smith’s birthday is January 31st, 2002 so his password is JS013102
To view your scores on individual assignments:
·Click Grades on the left side. Your schedule appears.  
·Click on the course name and the individual grades for that class appear.  
·If you click on the name of the assignment, you may be able to view additional details regarding that particular assignment if the teacher has entered special information or comments.
Parents can request a username and password that will allow them to see the grades for each of their children enrolled in the EIS school district without having to log in separately for each student.  See the EIS website for instructions if you are interested in this option.

Update to the Infinite Campus Student Portal Accounts:
1. The students User Name is still the SSID.
2. First-time password is the first name initial last name initial 6 digit DOB (Example: First Name with a DOB of 01/01/2020 would use fn010120)
3. The student will then be prompted to change the password.  The screen that appears indicates to enter the Old Password (which would be the first name initial last name initial 6 digit DOB) and then to enter a New Password and also to Verify the Password.  Then click Save. 
4. The next screen asks the student to enter a Security Email – this is suggested to be their EIS email but can be a personal email address or parent email address.  Then the student is to Confirm the Security Email.  Then he/she will enter the newly established Password.  Save.
5. The purpose of the security email is that if a student forgets the username or password, he/she can receive an email to reset the account without notifying the Parent Portal or a staff member.
Instructions for Student Email
Go to the Elizabethtown Independent Schools website.
At the top of the page click on “PARENTS/ STUDENTS” 
Click on Webmail-Students
That will take you to the Sign in to Office 365 page.
You can mark the Office 365 page as a favorite to make it faster and easier to access at home.
Your username is your email address:
For example Joe Smith’s email address would be:
Then your password should be the same as the password you use to log in when you use any school computer.


If your child is going to be absent, please call the school by 8:30 to let us know (270) 769-6343.

Use the Parent Portal to view your student's grades and attendance records. 

TK Stone has an active Parent Teacher Organization. To find out more, check out their Facebook page. 
If you are interested in helping your child get ready for the ACT or SAT, check out this opportunity.


Want to know where TK Stone is headed?  Check out our Consolidated School Improvement Plan 2016-17

2017-18 Student Handbook

2015 Asbestos Letter

How To Find Us

TK Stone Middle School is located at: 
323 Morningside Drive
Elizabethtown, KY  42701

Phone 270.769.6343
Fax 270.769.6749
View our T.K. Stone Middle School staff members here.